Noah’s ARC

ARC, Inc.

The Arts Recreating Communities, Inc.

(501c3 status pending)

Mission Statement

ARC, Inc. brings diverse communities together through music and the arts by creating opportunities for artist of varied ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds to collaborate.

Vision Statement

In so doing, we strengthen the fabric of our society by providing the people of individual communities the means, tools, and motivation to meet and learn about each other, and build the foundation for ongoing relationships.

Position Statement

ARC believes that the foundation for living in a peaceful and just society is built on the principals of tolerance, respect and acceptance of all peoples. These principals are realized through understanding and celebrating our differences and similarities, embracing our diversity, and becoming familiar with and appreciating the various cultural and religious heritages that are the spiritual, ethical and moral building blocks of our cities, neighborhoods, streets, schools and institutions.

The basis of hate and intolerance is usually ignorance, and ignorance is born of isolation and non-exposure. We believe that when cultures and their peoples meet, visit each others’ neighborhoods, dwellings and institutions, observe, participate and share in each other’s cultural and ritual events, and learn more about each other and begin to build respect, we can begin to erase ignorance, and eradicate intolerance and hate.

Projects that stem from any of the many artistic disciplines, such as music, theater, dance, storytelling, and visual media engage adults, children and families in activities that promote these principles. Artistic expression is a natural, accessible and appealing tool with which to build bridges within and between communities.

The Arts can recreate communities.

In Other Words…

Here’s how we do it: We stage concerts.

Well, that’s the end result, the product. It really starts with the process. We identify artists who may or may not know about each other or about each other’s backgrounds and we partner them. It starts with a dialogue and then the creation of some collaborative works. Then we rehearse.

In the meantime, a venue is secured, partner organizations are identified, funding and underwriters are obtained and publicity and PR is generated.

Then there’s a concert or public event. It may or may not be tied in with a specific calendar event, such as MLK Day. And the money generated, after covering costs, is used to benefit other non-profit, social justice organizations. Some of the organizations that have benefited from our concerts in the past have been the Orange Schools Unity in Diversity program and NOAH (the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope).

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