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Where can you buy my CD’s? I’ve tried to appeal to the power-shopper in everyone:.

Don’t want to buy a whole CD? Already know which songs you like? You can now buy and download individual tracks from my albums on OySongs.

Or, you can scroll down to find out more about each of my CD’s. Go ahead. I double dog dare you.

Noah’s Universal Eclectic Jukebox

OK, if you aren’t into that whole “scroll” thing, you can click these links, and I’ll do the scrolling for you:


New CD Now Available!

To get the full story on Metaphor, click here.

My long-awaited second CD Metaphor is done on the market. You can read all about it from pre-production to the recording process to its release and beyond at my Metaphor Blog here.

The good people at Sounds Write Productions have it for sale and have come up with a pretty good description of it:

The seeds for this fine album have been germinating for several years, while master composer and vocalist, Noah Budin, honed his pen and his heart. The maturity and vision that an artist hopes to attain have been gifted to Noah, and he shares it gracefully in this recording. The 11 English songs with a bonus track included for good measure are ballads that speak of God, holiness, spirit, freedom, social justice, death, responsibility, and above all, life. Though deep in content, there is a lightness to the music that flows from its elegant instrumental arrangements and Noah’s expansive vocal range. Whether contemplative, electric, rhythmic or a cappella, the sounds are pleasing to the ear while the often esoteric lyrics may be revisited to catch their full nuanced intent.

To get the full story on Metaphor, click here.

Hallelujah Land

To get the full story on Hallelujah Land, click here.

Noah presents 10 original, dynamic and spirited English and Hebrew “songs of faith and freedom.” This recording of his finest original tunes, skillfully produced and arranged by Troy Dexter, with accompaniment on two songs by Julie Silver, showcases Noah’s pleasing voice and multi-faceted musical styling.

To get the full story on Hallelujah Land, click here.

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