To book Noah for any of his programs call:

Email Noah at

Programs include (but are not limited to):

Concert Appearances

  • Mainstage, Cofeehouse, Sanctuary, House Concerts
  • Headliner, Opening Act, Emcee, Collaborations, Music Festivals, Special Events, Fundraisers
  • Adult Evenings, Family Concerts, Kids Shows, Older Adults

Solo Concert: Singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer Noah Budin brings his unique blend of traditional, contemporary and original folk/pop/rock music to the stage with passion, power and humor. Drawing from a well of diverse musical influences, genres and artists such as Folk, Blues, Gospel, Israeli, Eastern European, Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, James Taylor, and Paul Simon, Noah inspires, informs and entertains.

Duo: Same as above, but accompanied by his brother (and producer of his CD Metaphor) David Budin. David adds depth, warmth and humor to the concert experience backing Noah up on Bass, Guitar and vocals.

Noah Budin and the Promised Band: Same as above with but with his backup group. The Promised Band consists of David Budin (bass, guitar, vocals), Edward Ridley, Jr. (keyboard, vocals), Rob Ticherich (percussion), and Norm Tischler (saxophone, clarinet, flute). The Promised Band can be booked in various combinations.

School Assemblies and Educational Venues

  • Folk Singer and Storyteller Noah Budin can perform a variety of 30min. – 1 hr. school assemblies appropriate for Public Schools, Private Schools, Religious Schools and Libraries.
  • All of Noah’s school programs are participatory and interactive.

Pass Them On: Stories and Songs That Link Generations can be geared for any setting. It can be set against a historical backdrop, perfect for secular audiences, or contain Biblical references for religious settings. Recommended for grades K – 8 (best if divided K-4, 5-8) and family audiences.

Family Under One Sky combines stories and songs from around the world with messages of Peace and Freedom. Perfect for all secular and religious audiences. Recommended for grades Pre K – 5 and family audiences.

Freedom Sings is a musical journey from Moses to Martin Luther King in a historical context (non-religious for secular audiences) and explores how songs can educate, liberate and empower. Includes songs from the days of slavery, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan and more. Recommended for grades 6 and up.

Belly Button Sing-a-Long is Noah’s Preschool show. Noah has many years experience as a Preschool classroom and music teacher, and guest artist, and can get the children singing, laughing, clapping and dancing. Can be geared for Temple Preschools. Recommended for ages 3 – 5.

Camp Songs, Zipper Songs, Echo Songs, Sing-a-Long is a perfect show for outdoor, family venues. A concert of mostly familiar songs you love to sing along with such as Puff the Magic Dragon, Blowin’ in the Wind, The Garden Song (Inch by Inch), Wimoweh, and many more. Can be booked Solo, Duo or with the Band (see above).

Custom Build an Assembly or Program. Noah will work with you, your organization and your staff to design a program around a curricular theme, special event or holiday.

Older Adults and Special Needs

  • Noah has worked with Older Adults Special Needs children and adults of all ages and can design a program to fit your needs.

Singing Memories plays well with the 70 and older crowd. As an Activities Director at an Assisted Living Residence, Noah is intimately familiar with the Older Adult population and is comfortable will all levels of cognitive and physical abilities. Noah can get them laughing with his vast knowledge of Vaudeville and Catskills humor, and singing along with such songs as Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Bicycle Built for Two, patriotic songs and much more. Can be geared for Jewish audiences and intergenerational groups. No Yiddish or Show Tunes.


Songwriting: In a secular or religious classroom, or other group setting, for any age, Noah will lead the students/participants through the process of writing an original song around any curricular or informal theme. Promotes literacy, cooperative learning and, of course, creativity. The focus is on the process, but the finished product will be an original song, words and music, of which the group will share ownership. Group size from 8 -20 is best. Can be done in one session, or multiple sessions over the course of any time span. If one session, a minimum of 1 hour is required. For multiple sessions, 30 – 45 mins. is best, depending on age and size of group.

Theater Games: Noah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and has studied improvisation with Second City and the Improv Institute in Chicago, IL. Noah can custom build a lesson plan around any theme with improvisational theater games, or just play the games for fun (although there is always pedagogical undercurrent). Promotes leadership, confidence, decision making, collaboration and cooperation.

In-services for Teachers and Staff: Utilizing any combination of his extensive range of skills and professional experiences, Noah can customize an in-service for any professional group in schools, camps, synagogues, churches, businesses, nonprofits, and more, around almost any theme to promote a desired concept or value, e.g. Team Building, Storytelling, Stress Reduction, etc.

Religious and Worship Services

  • Noah can enhance your religious service with original, contemporary and traditional music.

Friday Night/Saturday Morning: Noah can frame a service with original music (opening and closing songs), lead the congregation musically through the (Reform) liturgy, introduce and/or teach new liturgical melodies, and deliver a “Sermon in Song” with his unique blend of music, storytelling, and humor while engaging the congregation and conveying a meaningful and significant message.

Sunday Morning: Noah can frame a service with original music (opening and closing songs), present songs for the offertory and the anthem, and deliver a “Sermon in Song” with his unique blend of music, storytelling, and humor while engaging the congregation and conveying a meaningful and significant message.

Interfaith: Noah’s musical and spoken messages of Peace, Justice, Freedom and Love are a natural fit for interfaith services or culturally diverse gatherings. Noah can deliver a general message or present from a Jewish perspective.

Therapeutic Laughter Sessions

  • Noah is a Certified Laugh Leader (CLL) trained by the World Laughter Tour, Inc. and can lead a Laughter Workshop for any age group. (Not recommended for Preschool – K).
  • Laughter Clubs (or workshops or sessions) are non-political, non-religious, non-exploitive, non-perfectionist, non-threatening, non-competitive, non-cult, non-judgmental and everyone is welcome.
  • Scientifically and medically documented health benefits of laughter include stress reduction, lower blood pressure, boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, reducing hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, increasing the level of health-enhancing hormones, and much more.

Laughter Workshops/Sessions are usually about an hour in length (but can easily be modified to suit you needs) and generally consist of three parts: 1) Intro – welcome, background and history of therapeutic laughter, medical and psychological benefits of laughter, and an explanation of what’s to follow, 2) Laughter Exercises – light physical warm-ups, active laughter application and 3) Cool Down – inspirational words and messages.

See Noah’s Laughter page.


  • Combine any of the above programs for a day, a weekend, or longer.

Have another idea? Contact Noah to discuss feasibility.Fees are variable depending on program type. Contact Noah to discuss pricing.

To book Noah for any of his programs, or for information call:

Email Noah at

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